Video Production

We know and we like making movies.

We are a team of producers with international experience in video production and social documentaries, directors of photography with vast experience in making documentaries, artistic movies, news coverage and experienced editors.

The natural production flow from the rough digital material to the editing table has never meant for us mass production on assembly lines. We view ourselves as artisans rather than overachieving workers in the film factory. We design unique products rather than mass market goods.

Same as for a piece of written material, we judge a film to be ready when nothing else can be further cut or modified. Nor added.

We sometimes come back again and again on the same frame or sync. However, we never lose focus. And our favorite focal point is the detail.  Always the detail, polished with a critic eye, creativity, and endeavor because we know this basic truth: details make the whole harmonious and coherent. We are our fiercest critics. 

About Black Hat

Black Hat is about magic.
The magic of turning life into a story. Or by a story. 

Contact us. Maybe tomorrow we will be telling your story.  

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4 Aleea Botorani, Bucharest, Romania

+40 735 735 417

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