Black Hat Magic

Let us be clear on the fact that we do not have a recipe for what we are doing.  We do not deliver mass-market products because it is utterly impossible to wrap together mind, soul and creativity on an industrial scale. What we deliver is an extension of our personality, our life experiences, and our way of being and understanding the things surrounding us.

We are creative and sensible, but always within professional borders. 

We know how to manage a project a project from A to Z: from concept, script and pre- production to production and post-production. We can sustain any type of project, we are able to gather, adapt and scale our resources according to the project’s complexities.

We enjoy challenges. We are always in search for interesting subjects and stories; we are passionate about people and their stories. Sometimes we have more answers than questions, this is why we also initiate our own projects.

Black Hat is not a label; Black Hat is a brand that you will find deeply enchased in each creative act.

Black Hat is about magic. The magic of turning life into a story. Or by a story.


About Black Hat

Black Hat is about magic.
The magic of turning life into a story. Or by a story. 

Contact us. Maybe tomorrow we will be telling your story.  

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